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More Than Words

Forward-minded, inclusive content that sells.

I believe that businesses can gain appeal, connect with their target audience on a more personal level, and improve their communities, by expressing their values and supporting causes in their content marketing strategy without losing appeal or branding themselves as politically divisive.

I create case studies, white papers, blog posts and other marketing content on corperate social responsibility and diversity and inclusion in business marketing for value-driven businesses.

Core Values



Social Responsibility

What I’ll Bring to Our next project

I’ll use my extensive background in research methods, community service, social issues, and lived experience to provide original, unique content that is both marketable and value driven.


  • Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy
  • 3000+ hours of funded academic research fellowship and assistantship experience
  • Completed coursework in grant writing, qualitative research, computer information systems and logic


  • 400+ hours of community service and activism
  • 160+ hours of non-profit project management
  • Trained and managed 3000+ volunteers
  • Firsthand experience as a queer, latina, brain cancer survivor
  • 50+ hours of editing experience for academic journals

I’m Bianca Gonzalez.

I’m a writer, researcher, and social advocate. I use my skillset and life experience to produce B2B content that resonates with your audience by supporting the causes they care about. As queer, disabled, Puerto Rican brain cancer survivor, I view consumers through an intersectional lens.

Brands don’t need to “pick a side” in order to advocate for social change.

I started B2B Inclusive as a way to support brands with strong corporate values. Consumers are growing increasingly aware of the social impact their dollar has, and I want to help unite socially responsible consumers with brands they can feel good about supporting.


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